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Book #26: Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi

Number of pages: 296

First of all, I hope no one finds this offensive - I'm trying not to be, though if the mod does choose to delete this post, I'll understand.

This book's author was bought up as a Muslim, but eventually became Christian, largely because of a friend of his from university.

The book provides an in-depth autobiography about how he converted, and the most fascinating parts for me were his explanations of what the Islam religion is like and how it is observed, and also the debates he had with his friend when investigating Christianity, but still sceptical. Some of his arguments he initially came out with against Christianity were even challenging for me, as they raised some arguments about The Bible that I had never thought of before.

This book is largely a Christian message however, and I was particularly struck by the final section, which talked about his final conversion, including the dreams that he believes came from God.

Next book: Missee Lee by Arthur Ransome
Tags: autobiography, christian, dreaming, memoir, non-fiction, spiritual reading

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