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Book 57

Agony of the Leaves (A Tea Shop Mystery, #13)Agony of the Leaves by Laura Childs

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This is a series I want to love (and obviously many do as this is the 13th in a series) but I just can’t warm to Theodosia. She’s rather abrasive and the story had things that were unbelievable (not even including the idea that Hayley can cook for dozens by herself in one tiny kitchen or can’t even plan the quiche to come out in time for lunch orders) and has one of my unforgivable sins. I love tea and tea shops. I don’t love Theodosia but this fit a couple of my reading challenges. Really wish I could give out half stars because this is about 2.5 stars for me.

This time at a charity event for the aquarium Theo finds her ex, Parker, dead in one of the tanks. She insists it’s murder and a reluctant Detective Tidwell doesn’t believe her until the medical examiner agrees with her (though he is nowhere near as incompetent nor as anti-Theo as Theo seems to think. In fact he shares way more with her than he should but she remains ever ungrateful for it.)

Theo learns that Parker had originally left her his restaurant but changed his will to leave it to his new girlfriend (cutting out his brother, a thread that was totally dropped) and that he was trying to expand into Savannah and into the Aquarium but was shut out via sleazy dealings. So what does she do? She somehow looks up Mr Manship (the man Parker was supposed to be dealing with in Savannah and who she’s been warned has a dubious reputation) and finds a home address and has the audacity to drive there unannounced. She’s redirected to his restaurant and for some reason this man, who doesn’t know her from Adam tells her all about it. If someone did that to me, I’d tell them to get off my property. It just seemed unbelievable and lazy.

Naturally as she investigates someone tries to scare her off and she doesn’t report it, not that someone repeatedly rammed her car and then contrived another attack on her and her aunt. She was run off the road into a swampy bit of land for one. Her car has to be damaged. My insurance wanted a police report when a coworker backed into me. And yet she doesn’t report this to anyone. To me that’s an unforgivable sin. No normal person is going to blow off two attacks (one that left someone hospitalized) and not tell the semi-friendly detective.

The ending was just ridiculous. Tidwell’s like ‘ this person wasn’t even on our radar.’ Yeah thanks for the villain being someone we barely saw. I figured out why this was happening but the over the top melodramatic ending was terrible (and so convenient that once again the villain doesn’t take two seconds to make sure the person they’re shooting at is dead.)

I’m going to have to give up on this series. The few I’ve read have proven this is not for me.

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