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Book 35

35. On A Burning Deck: The Road to Akron, by Tom Jones. I received a proof copy through work. This book fulfills the requirement for reading a book from a micropress (this is self-published). It is Vol. 1 of (I believe) 2. The author interviewed his grandparents about their experiences growing up in rural Kentucky and in migrating to Akron to take advantage of the plethora of rubber factory jobs. The result is a fascinating glimpse of history seldom, if ever seen: life from the point of view of the not-so famous. Tom Jones combines historical notes and news clippings with transcripts from his interviews with his grandparents, particularly Haskell Jones. The latter, who would serve as police chief and on city council, had an incredibly sharp memory. The resulting book is a treasure for anyone wanting to learn more about Akron's rubber age. More than half of the first volume deals more with Kentucky; I imagine the second book will deal more with the family history in the Akron area. The second part of the book gets a bit disjointed at times but this is an engaging read. Pouring over the transcripts gives a taste of actually listening to Haskell, and it's easy to envision listening to him on a porch, lemonade in hand. And what an interesting, eventful life both he and his wife Florence led! I'm glad the author and the foresight to get these wonderful accounts. I hope I can get the second book too, which is supposed to come out at the end of the year.

Currently reading: The Complete Poems of Anna Akhmatova (Vol. 1), with Judith Hemschemeyer (Translator) and Roberta Reeder (Editor)
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