Olivia Jean (Olivia Jean) wrote in 50bookchallenge,
Olivia Jean
Olivia Jean

What book is this I need to know?!! Please help

Its an older book its about a really young witch named Rose who has a tattoo of a rose on her hand and anytime she uses her powers the rose will grow up her arm and when it reaches her neck shes at full power...anouther part i remember is she has 2 bodyguards ans one of em is missing an arm and anytime they are in a battle a phantom arm will grow there so he can hold 2 axes to protect rose...the last part i remember is theu came up to like a dark forest filled with spiders and they have a queen but the queen is human and her spiders are under threat of being burned alive so she lets them go into hwr whomb....if anyones knows what hook im talking bout PLEASE let me know!!!!! Thank you.

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