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July 2017 reading

July 2017 reading:

32. The Hidden Oracle, by Rick Riordan (376 pages)
Apollo falls from Olympus into a dumpster only to find he's been cursed to a mortal body by Zeus, with no idea what to do to regain his place. Apparently Zeus expects him to resolve the problem he allowed to fester--and it's bigger than the gods knew.

33. Spice & Wolf: Volume 13 Side Colors III, by Isuna Hasekura (208 pages)
This contained three shorter works connected to Spice & Wolf. They were all really fun. One shifted perspectives between Lawrence and Holo. One was from Holo's perspective. The last was a bit of a novella following Norah's divergence from Holo and Lawrence, from Enek's perspective. Really awesome reads.

34. In Sea-Salt Tears, by Seanan McGuire (24 pages)
In this short story, the daughter of two Selkies, passed up repeatedly for a skin, falls in love with Annie, a young woman who comes for each passing of the skin. She doesn't know who Annie is, isn't told the truth of the Annie, the sea witch. Beautiful and sad.

35. A Dog's Purpose, by W. Bruce Cameron (319 pages)
This book follows the journey of a dog through its rebirths and its desire to find its boy, Ethan. Toby becomes Bailey becomes Ellie becomes Buddy, and each new life builds off the last to help him find and fulfill his purpose. Really good read.

36. Norse Mythology, by Neil Gaiman (297 pages)
This was a fun and short read, with Gaiman working some of Norse mythology into interesting little short stories. It'll be interesting to read more of the mythos on my own, and I was tickled to see how the stories matched with what I already knew.

July pages: 1,224

Pages to date: 11,001

Progress: 36/52

July 2017 comics/manga reading:

58. Hyper Police: Volume 3, by Mee (184 pages)
59. After School Nightmare: Volume 4, by Setona Mizushiro (200 pages)
60. Lumberjanes: Volume 2, by Noelle Stevenson (126 pages)
61. DMZ: Volume 2, by Brian Wood (168 pages)
62. Serenity: Float Out, by Patton Oswalt (40 pages)
63. Y: The Last Man: Volume 4, by Brian K. Vaughan (144 pages)
64. Amazing Fantastic Incredible: A Marvelous Memoir, by Stan Lee (192 pages)
65. Blood+ Adagio: Volume 2, by Kumiko Suekane (164 pages)
66. The Massive: Volume 3, by Brian Wood (152 pages)
67. The Sandman: Volume 9, by Neil Gaiman (352 pages)
68. Wonder Woman: Volume 1, by Brian Azzarello (160 pages)
69. Twin Spica: Volume 4, by Kou Yaginuma (192 pages)
70. What Did You Eat Yesterday?: Volume 11, by Fumi Yoshinaga (154 pages)
71. Ghostbusters: Volume 4, by Erik Burnham (104 pages)

July pages: 2,332

Pages to date: 12,614

Progress: 71/150
Tags: glbt, graphic novel, japanese novel, manga, memoir, myth and legend, post-apocalypse, urban fantasy

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