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Book 86

青の祓魔師 17 [Ao no Futsumashi 17] (Blue Exorcist, #17)青の祓魔師 17 [Ao no Futsumashi 17] by Kazue Kato

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I had some mixed feelings about this one. The twincest jokes bothered the hell out of me (though the old woman who thought Yukio and Rin were lovers was cool with it so it wasn't quite as homophobic as it could have been). And I've never liked Shura much as she seems like such an exploitative character (strong woman yes but also hypersexualized with the breasts of doom, which by the way you get to see her nipples in this so if you wanted to see that, wish granted).

On the other hand we have some very interesting themes. We see what made Shura who and how she is. I don't want to spoil that but leave it as it was an interesting arc with a very cool bad guy (I loved how the hydra was drawn). In a mild spoiler, poor Yukio nearly has something bad happen to him at the hands of a friend (and the bad guy actually sees Yukio as more of a threat than Rin). There are some funny bits at poor Rin's expense (but he brings it on himself).

While this adds to Shura's character development (and I didn't need to see her lap dancing Father Fujimoto) I'm not sure how it adds to the overall plot development. That said I enjoyed it and the art in this is just fantastic.

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Tags: manga, urban fantasy

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