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Bill Paley

Due to a trip we took I didn't have a laptop with me, so this is a couple of weeks worth of reading that I'm going to document here.

First book finished was Strange Dogs, not so much a book as another short story in The Expanse series, this one dealing with a young human girl on an alien planet yet to be fully explored. Eerie; cool read.

Next was Torchship Pilot a sequel, a novel of essentially space opera genre that reads pretty much like a Traveller adventure for those who know RPGs. Not beautifully written, but fun for itself. A further sequel was released last Tuesday and I will probably order a copy, though not right away.

Following that was Odd and the Frost Giants, a bit of Norse fun by Neil Gaiman which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Then it was Osprey Men-At-Arms #19: The Iron Brigade> which I found in a used book store in New Orleans. I was intrigued to see that most of that unit was of Wisconsin origin. I began to have echoes in my head of things vaguely recalled from my childhood about the topic which made for a strange read. Typical Osprey book otherwise.

Next book was Osprey Elite #59: US Marine Corps 1941 – 45. I think that they are milking the USMC for titles. I mean to say, could they pare it down to the Marine Corps from September 1 - September 9, 1944? Not a bad read though.

Then Osprey Fortress #77: The Stalin and Molotov Lines: Soviet Western Defences 1928 – 41 which I found a bit odd. So much of the WWII books about fixed fortifications leave me with the feeling that though they caused the opponents a number of casualties, they didn't truly protect unless there were a mobile force available for counterstrokes. Maybe I'm wrong.

Next one was Osprey Men-At-Arms #72: North-West Frontier 1837 – 1947, and I guess what I learned from it was a lesson that I had gotten from a lot of books about Afghanistan, and that is that you shouldn't get mixed up there if you weren't raised there in the first place. It appears that no great power has ever learned that. Could China be next?

Finally, there was a new Mike Resnick book that I readd called The Castle in Cassiopeia which I believe is the third book of a series; beginning to feel a bit formulaic. I still like Resnick's stuff, but I think I need a little more variety.

And that's it for now...

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