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Book 100

Kale to the Queen (A Kensington Palace Chef Mystery #1)Kale to the Queen by Nell Hampton

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I wanted to like this one but I had some problems with it. Some are my usual problems with cozies (the whole who is this person barging into people's lives and questioning them and why does anyone answer her??) Some are more specific. Carrie Ann has moved from Chicago to London to be the personal chef to the Duchess and Duke and their kids (I'm assuming a fictional duchess/duke/queen since these bear little resemblance to the real ones and I was okay with that part...mostly). Her and her boyfriend, John are 'on a break' as he wants to be a superstar chef and sees no point in her dream of being a personal chef (which you will hear about ad nauseum). She's whisked to the palace immediately to begin cooking before even unpacking and assigned two assistance, Misters Deems and Hargrove and subjected to the rest of the staff which are for the most part unreasonable and unpleasant with the exception of Ian Gordan, the chief of security and Penny, the Duchess's personal assistant (who is more obsessed with Carrie Ann and her own love life than anyone should be).

Quickly Mr. Deems is dead and Mr. Hargrove is arrested but Carrie believes he's innocent and wants to clear his name as if they had been friends for years rather than a near stranger. Here's the problem for me. Carrie does overhear some information that the police should have been interested in but wouldn't even return her phone calls. I hate when the cops are incompetent. Carrie also strikes me as well not so bright like when she's shocked that people can pick out she's an American right away (I'm not so sure that jeans and athletic shoes are a dead give away. I've been to London and that didn't seem like Londoners don't wear them), as if somehow they can't realize her accent isn't English.

I also didn't like how she keeps telling people's secrets, like one character's medical problems. She tells nearly everyone about it knowing that the character had been keeping it secret. The mystery wasn't too bad but even that had problems, like when Carrie tells Ian something about a coworker and he's like 'well I have no proof so I can't do anything about it' but Carrie heard it from his own mouth, is that not proof? This could be an interesting series but it needs a bit more work.

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