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Book 103

The Girl from the Other Side: Siúil, a Rún Vol. 2 by Nagabe, Adrienne Beck (Translator)
(Sorry, GR is being buggy so no cover pic, no links)

I’m still not as wowed as others by this series in terms of both storyline nor art. I find the art too sketchy, too dark and the storyline a bit too predictable. I like it well enough but nowhere near as much as the hype. I accept I’m in the minority there but this feels like a thousand other dark fairy tales to me.

This volume is more the Teacher’s. He sees another Outsider do the forbidden: touch an insider. There is a surprising amount of violence between him and the other Outsider (and it gives us an idea they can handle a huge amount of damage.)

Teacher follows the other Outsider and is privy to information, not all of which the reader gets to know but it seems like Shiva is something special, something potentially immune to the Curse. (On the other hand I get the idea that Teacher was a human who was cursed). The most chilling part of this is what the human insiders decide to do in order to capture and kill Shiva.

There are true emotions in this and it’s not a bad story in any way. I’m just not captivated by it. That said, if the library gets more I’ll read on.
Tags: fantasy, manga

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