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Book 115

Zombie Powder: Can't Kiss the Ring (of the Dead) (Zombie Powder, #2)Zombie Powder: Can't Kiss the Ring (of the Dead) by Tite Kubo

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is one of Tite Kubo's earliest works and it shows. There is some interesting things going on though. Gamma is a criminal though there is definitely more to him than that. For one he has a metal arm (and the replacement seems to extend all the way to his cheek). He's intelligent and has some sort of magical power (or mutant power or whatever it is) He and his gang are looking for rings of death (though it's not clear yet as to what their plans on). Naturally there are wicked men also looking for them so they can make zombie powder, which is still not entirely clear what that does either but it's powerful. They too have abilities and it reminds me of Bleach in a way, over the top fight scenes intermixed with actual plot.

In this brew enters an 18 year old girl journalist with the horrible name of Wolfgangina but they thankfully call her Wolfina. She naturally has boobs of doom (H cup according to her bio, obviously drawn by a man who has no idea the gymnastics he's having her do are unlikely with someone this top heavy). She's drawn into this for two reasons, one she hates criminals and injustice and seeks to expose it and two, her brother is a victim of a ring.

It's not a bad story but it's not great either. Also interesting in this volume is the first manga Kubo drew at eighteen which was actually pretty enjoyable.

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