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Books 41 - 55.

41. Scalzi - The Collapsing Empire
The first part of a series - quick moving, funny, and surprising, with an idea I have read about in scifi before (though I'm sure there might be similar ideas elsewhere...?)

42. Owen - Overcoming Sin & Temptation: Three Classic Works By...
Three classic Puritan works dealing with the subject, text worked to a more understandable English.

43. James - The Loneliest Girl In The Universe
She's the only surviving member on a starship destined to a planet away from Earth... another ship is coming to meet her, with a boy she might like on it - but is he what he says he is? The story works pretty well, even if you don't read much YA.

44. McRaven - Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life... & Maybe The World
Bought this on hardback, and this slim book does deliver!

45. Madison - Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone (10th Anniversary Edition)
A lot to read, but it does have great variety of recipes to use, no wonder it has won at least one prize :)

46. The Kalevala (original, not translated)
About time I read this epic of Finnish people. Plenty of the story was familiar - you don't have to read it know most of it - but now I can say I know it from reading it, too.

47. Glavich - The Catholic Companion To The Angels
Pretty usual book about Angels, but with some knowledge I didn't already have, which is good.

48. Anker - Some Nerve: Lessons Learned While Becoming Brave
Unlike some other self-help books, I wouldn't mind meeting her. And this book gives you idead on how to face your fears to improve your life. Some humorous stories here among the lessons.

49. John Climacus - The Ladder Of Divine Ascent (English translation)
I think I might've read this one before, not sure, but I got the depths of it pretty well anyway.

50. Le - 100 Million Years Of Food: What Your Ancestors Ate & Why It Matters Today
With the idea that one should notice what one's ancestors food tendencies were, and connect it to the things available today.

51. King-Miller - Ask A Queer Chick: A Guide To Sex, Love, & Life For Girls Who Dig Girls
For the absolutely beginners on the scene: from coming out to marriage, not forgetting the bi and the trans girls either.

52. St. John Bosco - The Life Of Dominic Savio (English translation)
A saint writing about saint isn't rare, but older saint writing about younger saint is. Short work, but motivating certainly.

53. Rilke - The Essential... (English translation)
With German original texts of the poems included, which does mean that not all 'essential' poems could be included. That said, a good starting point on Rilke.

54. Morris - The World Of The Shining Prince: Court Life In Ancient Japan
If you have read 'The Tale Of Genji' plus biographical works of Lady Murasaki, Shei Shonagon and Lady Sarashina already, this one is a good companion and background giver to them.

55. Valverde (complier) - Angel Devotion Prayerbook
What is says. Archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, and the prayers etc. connected to them, plus another for the guardian Angels.


And after these, I'm spending the rest of the time (of this year) reading some unfinished books, but then I'm looking definitely forward to the next year's challenge!

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