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Book 130

Ghost Gone Wild (Bailey Ruth, #4)Ghost Gone Wild by Carolyn G. Hart

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I'm new to this series and if I didn't need a book for Oklahoma for a challenge I might not have finished this. It started off on a sanctimonious note and a whiny one but luckily it did get better and turned out to be rather enjoyable. Bailey Ruth is a sort of a psychopomp working for Wiggans who sends her to help people when she's not busy flitting around heaven. In this one, Bailey Ruth believes Wiggans has sent Dee, a woman on a horse, to take her to help someone.

However, this isn't the case. The person she's meant to help is Dee's nephew, Nick. Someone is trying to kill him, literally. SHe knocks him out of the way of the rifle only to find out she can't go incorporal. She's stuck in human form. Naturally Nick doesn't exactly believe she's a ghost from heaven sent to help him, much like most people don't believe someone tried to kill him. Nick was a geek kid who made millions from a computer game and is back in town to rub his riches in the faces of his high school bullies.

One of which ends up dead and he gets blamed. Bailey Ruth has to save him with Dee's help.

Over all it's not a bad story. I'd probably read another one.

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Tags: mystery, paranormal

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