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Book 58

Yesterday's Lost (Yesterday's Mysteries)Yesterday's Lost by Sam Cheever

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This short paranormal mystery is a prequel to a series I’ve not read. Pratt Davies, an unfortunately named Saint Louis detective and his partner are called to a potential domestic violence case but once inside the house, something else is going on. It leaves him with severe PTSD threatening his ability to stay on the force. It shatters his partner, leaving her in a mental hospital. And there are two dead bodies.

As Pratt wrestles with the case and his recovery, he is called to the mental hospital by Morticia (really?) who is not only a psychologist but also a parapsychologist (hey like my psych prof back in undergrad!) She believes there is something supernatural happening at that house and he’s not inclined to argue. He knows what happened to him was paranormal as much as he doesn’t want to believe it.

Together they try to solve the murders and the source of the haunting. Overall, it’s well written and the epilogue sets up the series (which I’ll have to look for). On the other hand, there are a lot of almost cliched stuff in it like a haunted doll. In spite of that it doesn’t feel tired. I liked Pratt and Morticia. Pratt in particularly felt well developed which is good since he’s the point of view character. It made me want to read the series.

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