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31. Plath - Ariel
A really powerful collection, with certain themes. Already have collected-poems, but just had to have this separately.

32. Seneca - On The Shortness Of Life (English translation)
Certainly inspires you to live life to the fullest, cutting out the useless stuff. A short read.

33. Rohr & Morell - The Divine Dance: Trinity & Your Transformation
Great ideas, but could've been shorter - the ideas got repeated, and I didn't agree with all. Not one to keep.

34. Rohr - Preparing For Christmas: Daily Meditations For Advent
A good way to spend time towards Christmas, something to think about every day.

35. Kerouac - Tristessa
Beautifully told, though he's such a *man*; would like to have read her point of view also. (Maybe someone could write a book like that?)

36. Neuvel - Sleeping Giants
The first in the trilogy, liked the form of interviews, diary texts and such moving the plot, some surprises.

37. Pope Francis - The Shepherd's Call: Meditations On Mercy (57 pages)
38. Pope Francis - An Invitation To Conversion: Lent & Easter With... (69 pages)
Little booklets, yet saying many deep things. The first one especially was inspiring.

39. Butcher - Fool Moon
Second book, so it was still about solving a case, but you can feel the arc-story staring, which is good.

40. Kenko - A Cup Of Sake Beneath The Cherry Trees (53 pages)
Excerpts from the main book, "Essays On Idleness", a good taster for that, and pretty quick read, cheap to buy. :)

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