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Book 67 & 68

デビルズライン 6 (Devils' Line, #6)デビルズライン 6 by Ryo Hanada

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What interested me the most is the interactions between Anzai and Ishimaru as the latter forces Anzai into a mock battle making him stretch his limits and his control around blood (and all for reasons Anzai doesn't see) There was a lot of interesting backstory in this volume as well.

The villains and motivations continue to grow and deepen. This isn't a fast moving manga but the story has depth. I'm enjoying it.

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In/Spectre, Vol. 4In/Spectre, Vol. 4 by Kyo Shirodaira

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

You know those movies where hackers do amazing things but watching them do them is so boring. This volume reminds me of that. It's getting bogged down in being clever. Nothing at all happens except for one very important piece of back story about Kuro's cousin (who we saw in the hospital). Eighty percent of this was the three of them trying to figure out how to leak a fake news story that people will believe to prove Steel Lady Nanase isn't real (which she is now thanks to the belief of the people. Yeah we could have accomplished that in about three panels, not more than two thirds of a volume. So like many other reviewers I've seen, I'm hoping this is wrapping up soon because it's draining my desire to read this.

What I did like was the art. It's lovely. Also there is a nice scene with Kotoko in her room, leg off, eye out and very at home with Kuro seeing her that way (but not Saki).

I would have liked more grief or something out of Saki over the death of her fellow police officer and friend. That felt rushed.

What I could get along without ever seeing again is what the little review snippets called a 'charming romance.' For me, it comes across as creepy with Kotoko constantly trying to prove to Saki she's having sex with with Kuro (and it isn't helped by the fact she's tiny and looks thirteen). I've yet to get a romantic vibe from Kuro and Kotoko (more like she's bribed him to be with her in far too many ways). At least there wasn't too much of it this time but I really hope we move past that soon. I wanted to like this more than I did especially since we have a disabled heroine (But I'm not sure how hopeful I am that there will be more action after reading the note by the author of the novel this is adapted from).

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