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Book #27: Why I Believe by Roger Carswell

Number of pages: 174

This is a book I bought at an event where Roger Carswell was speaking; its covers various aspects of the Christian faith that Carswell believes in, including the importance of Jesus and why Christians need to believe in Him. The book also sets out at the end the reason why Carswell wants his readers to put their faith in Jesus. It is quite clear from the number of individual Bible verses that the book references, that Carswell has a good understanding of the Bible.

Although at times he includes very lengthy quotes his source material, this felt quite comprehensive; while it is more of an introduction to the Christian faith for people who are just looking into Christianity, I found it useful for helping me to rememer important aspects of my religion.

Next book: Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders.
Tags: christian, essays, non-fiction, spiritual reading

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