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Books 95 & 96

(one day I won't get off on my numbering...)

Ante UpAnte Up by Kim Fielding

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I never tire of vampire stories for some reason and I was excited to see Kim Fielding tackle the subgenre. Better yet, it was set in Las Vegas (love that town) and the title is a fun play on words for both poker and is the vampire’s name. In Croatian, it’s pronounced ahn-tay so that was fun.

Ante died on the battlefield in his homeland of Croatia over a hundred and fifty years ago and he’s living pretty close to the bone in Vegas. He’s literally one step from homeless but that doesn’t really bother him. He prefers to stay away from the Shadows, a group of vampires running Vegas (and other places) like the mafia and is led by Lee, a vampire Ante has a connection to. He works for them only when he needs to.

Ante’s attention is captured by a young man, Peter, who seems to have a silver tongue, able to talk people into doing outrageous things. Unfortunately, the Shadows have also noticed Peter and wants Ante to enslave him. Ante has other plans, leading him and Peter into danger and their chance at love depends on if they can keep alive.

Ante and Peter are fun characters. I’m part Croatian so the tidbits about culture, language and food really made me happy. There is, however, a certain sadness hovering around both men (though it does have a romance’s prerequisite happily ever after). I would have liked Lee to have been better drawn (and maybe a bit more with Dorothy) but this is a close third pov (Ante being the point of view character) so there really isn’t space for that. As a vampire story this really satisfies.

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デビルズライン 8 (Devils' Line, #8)デビルズライン 8 by Ryo Hanada

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another interesting volume. The first third is a dream-memory of Kikuhara’s first meeting with Anzai which is more chilling than expected.

Once Anzai wakes up the hospital he and Tsukasa have to deal with the fact that she forced him to bite her in order to save his life last volume, not to mention dealing with the fall out from the trap the CCC had set.

The rest of the volume deals with that and the fall out is severe, leading to a lot of angst. Worse, Tsukasa is floundering in what she wants her career to be. Her love for Anzai is translating to a deep curiosity about the Devils. However, the CCC’s trap had the desired effect. Anti-devil protests are at an all time high and getting more violent by the moment.

And then Tsukasa meets Anzai’s mother.

I have to say the story is taking a darker turn into the effects of hate and prejudice and in general I read to avoid the ugliness of the real world. That said, I still like these characters and plan to continue. I can’t see where this is going and in this case, I like that mystery.

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