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August 2018 reading

August 2018 reading:

33. Yellowcake, by Margo Lanagan (240 pages)
There were some really awesome stories in here, focused toward young adults and exploring humanity in different genres. Definitely recommend.

34. The Music of Dolphins, by Karen Hesse (181 pages)
Written in the style of journal entries by the main character, a girl who has been raised by dolphins is "saved" and put into a program to see if feral children can develop language and social abilities. Equal parts beautiful and heartbreaking. I want to read more by this writer, as the two books I've read have been amazing.

35. Sword Art Online, Progressive: Volume 1, by Reki Kawahara (368 pages)
The entire world-building and premise of this series is fascinating. In an immersive video game, there is no option to exit to the real world, trapping players. It is believed or confirmed that anyone who dies in the game dies in the real world, leaving many people distraught over the prospect of ever making it home. I really enjoyed the characters, as well.

36. Sword Art Online, Progressive: Volume 2, by Reki Kawahara (256 pages)
The first level of the game has been cleared, but not without a critical loss of a player. Kirito and Asuna wind up going off on their own, and discovering that the game has some critical differences from the beta version--and almost seems sentient.

37. Under Wraps, by Hannah Jayne (330 pages)
A human who can see through magic works for the Underworld Detective Agency, but her boss has gone missing. A new vampire, her roommate's perpetually-teenage nephew, is in town, and her new partner seems untrustworthy. She needs to find her boss and somehow stay alive despite danger being tossed her way. Decent read.

August pages: 1,375

Pages to date: 12,065

Progress: 37/52

August 2018 comics/manga reading:

102. Barefoot Gen: Volume 1, by Keiji Nakazawa (284 pages)

August pages: 284

Pages to date: 18,212

Progress: 102/150
Tags: anthology, japanese novel, manga, urban fantasy, young adult

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