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Books #51, #52, #53

#51:Presidents in Prophecy by Mike Evans

Number of pages: 391

This e-book by zionist Dr. Mike Evans isn't so much about prophecy as a history of US Presidents and their relationship with Israel (who Evans is an ardent supporter of). I definitely don't agree with all of his views, particularly as I get the impression that he's quite right-wing, and while he defends Jewish people throughout from anti-semitism, the book comes across frequently as Islamophobic, with numerous comments about terror attacks being committed by Muslims; not exactly a good idea in a book that's supposed to be anti-racist. This is a Christian book, though the Biblical references seemed to be quite sparse.

#52:We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Number of pages: 52

I enjoyed this a lot, including Adichie's social commentary regarding her upbringing in Nigeria, and how gender roles are perceived there. She made some good points, including how the way to start is for parents to raise their sons and daughters better.

The bits that startled me the most were about couples entering restaurants where the waiter only greeted the husband, and her story about how she tipped someone, who then thanked not her but the man who she was with.

This is quite a short book, so I was able to read it on a train journey this morning, but it felt very eye-opening; I'm definitely interested in reading some of her other books.

#53:Freedom Movement: 500 Years of Reformation by Michael Reeves

Number of pages: 38

This was another short book, giving basically "a history of the reformation in a nutshell", all about how Martin Luther revolutionised the Church of England. It was something I managed to read in about 15 minutes, and since it was written in plain English, with large pictures and captions that jump out at you, I suspected this was probably aimed at students. Nevertheless, I didn't know much about the reformation before I read this.

Next book: Wintersmith (Terry Pratchett)
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