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My year(s) in books [cross posted]

It was a pretty good year for reading, I think. My original goal was 60 books, which I raised to 66 after I joined a new book club and then adjusted to 64 when I just couldn’t anymore with some reading challenge prompts. One of these was a reread from many years ago that definitely counts toward the total. Those 64 books were by 61 different authors, with around 50 of them new-to-me authors. There were 42 female authors and fifteen authors of color. The most widely read genre was mystery, which is no surprise. Five of the books were translated. Two books were from the Great American Read list: one intentionally and one incidentally. The oldest book was published in 1872, and the newest one was published in October. I read a book about hiking trails in my state, and I read books set in every other continent but Antarctica, as well as a few other-worldly realms. Furthermore, I volunteered at the National Book Festival, attended a book signing, obtained library cards from neighboring counties, thoroughly scrubbed and catalogued my TBR list, and went from an occasional to a regular visitor at the local indie bookstore.

My favorites for the year were Sunburn, Circe, and a backlist non-fiction book, Hammer Head: The Making of a Carpenter. I also bailed on a few books, but I couldn’t tell you how many. Once they’re gone I don’t track them anymore. Of the books that I finished, Pretty Girls was my least favorite, and according to Goodreads it was also the longest book I read in 2018. Go figure!

For this year my reading goal is 75 books. I’m aiming for a nice blend of book club selections, new releases, old TBR veterans, audiobooks, items from my personal shelves, books set in places I plan to visit, next books in series, and the dreaded reading challenge prompts. This year I’m going to make a more deliberate effort to read just one book at a time. I’ve thought that having multiple books going has helped me reach a higher number, but it’s also resulted in too many partially read books taunting me from the “currently reading” shelf. This is part of a broader “resolution” this year to get sh*t done.

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