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December 2018 pages

December 2018 reading:

64. Magic in the Blood, by Devon Monk (368 pages)
Definitely a good follow-up to the first book, with some major implications for the world Allie inhabits and for herself.

65. Magic in the Shadows, by Devon Monk (350 pages)
With her father inhabiting part of her mind, Allie has her hands full, and the only place to turn is the Authority. But they have problems and it might end with her death.

66. Night Myst, by Yasmine Galenorn (112 pages)
I gave this book 112 pages, but the writing was just not working for me. Majority dialog, with much of it exposition-packed and offering little reason to care about any of the characters. It just didn’t grab my interest at all, and randomly-inserted details that I’m guessing are hackneyed foreshadowing just irked me rather than piquing my curiosity. So I’m giving it up and putting it in the local free library for someone else to try.

67. Spider's Bite, by Jennifer Estep (395 pages)
Gin is an assassin, and a good one. What she hides is a tragic past and a sense of justice that often leads her to trend toward vigilante. But when a job turns out to be a set-up and her mentor is killed, all she really wants is vengeance. Good read.

68. Dark Descendant, by Jenna Black (336 pages)
Nikki Glass makes her living as a PI, trying to avoid depending on her wealthy adoptive family. Her main concern is her next paycheck and trying to avoid the dudebros her adoptive sister sets her up on blind dates with. But her life is thrown into turmoil when her current job leaves her... dead, only not. She’s shoved into a world where she is a descendant of Artemis and immortal, and where two factions of immortals want control of her. But she has no idea which one to trust.

69. Firestorm, by Nancy Holzner (294 pages)
It took me a little while to get this after it came out, but I’ve been waiting for years. I was sorry to hear of the author’s loss, and I’m glad she was able to finish the series. I was willing to wait, and I’m not disappointed. This was action-packed and kept me enthralled. I wish there’d been more of Juliet, and more of the denouement, the in-between where six months seem to pass, but I was left satisfied. Victory was stuck between a rock and a hard place, and she discovered an escape route through pure piss and vinegar. I might reread the series to experience it all again.

70. Blood Memories, by Barb Hendee (339 pages)
Eleisha was turned into a vampire to care for a mistake—a created elderly vampire with dementia. It wasn’t her idea. She’s lived with that one purpose for hundreds of years. But when one of her oldest friends commits public suicide by burning in the sun, she quickly discovers there are psychics gunning for her.

71. Street Level: An Urban Fairytale, by Karyn Langhorne (384 pages)
Thea is a young woman with a dark past and secrets. She’s also the Gangsta Psychic, beset with visions that are often vague, but generally true. One of these visions leads her to rescue a man being beat up by street thugs. She only knows she needs to save him—not that her life will change as a result. A little bit Pretty Woman (well, a lot a bit, which was irritating at times), much of it takes place in the confines of a house and largely between two characters, but overall the characters of Thea and Malik kept me reading. Honestly started off expecting urban fantasy with the visions, so it wasn’t what I anticipated.

72. I Hope This Reaches Her in Time, by R.H. Sin (74 pages)
Some of these poems were uplifting. Some were a punch to the gut. All seem to be about validation of oneself through trauma.

73. Dagger-Star, by Elizabeth Vaughan (323 pages)
Red Gloves is a mercenary seeking work in a war-torn area. Little does she know, she’ll find her destiny instead. This was billed as paranormal romance, but was more fantasy romance than that. Interesting worldbuilding.

December pages: 2,975

Pages to date: 24,001

Progress: 73/52

December 2018 comics/manga reading:


Pages to date: 27,281

Progress: 152/150
Tags: poetry, unimpressed, urban fantasy, vampires

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