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January 2019 reading

January 2019 reading:

1. Destiny's Star, by Elizabeth Vaughan (352 pages)
Accidentally skipped a book. But basically romance and fantasy, continuing where book 1 left off with side characters made main. Good worldbuilding and culture construction but just not really my thing.

2. Sword Art Online Progressive: Volume 3, by Reki Kawahara (256 pages)
Asuna and Kirito discover a scam run by a group of players that could cause other players to get killed. They need to handle it, but can they do so in a way that doesn’t make things worse while trying to help defeat the floor? Also, gondolas.

3. Sword Art Online Progressive: Volume 4, by Reki Kawahara (272 pages)
Asuna and Kirito progress to the next floor, an archaeological area. Little do they know, however, but the situation with the guild rivalries is coming to a head, and they’ll have to put together a team to beat the floor boss or blood could be shed.

4. Fablehaven, by Brandon Mull (351 pages)
When Kendra and Seth are left with their eccentric grandfather while their parents go on a cruise, they’re disappointed. But strange things are happening, and their grandfather is keeping secrets. And they’re just the ones to find out what’s going on—not that they’re prepared for the dangerous truth!

5. Gratitude, by Oliver Sacks (64 pages)
Oliver Sacks has always been high on my to-read list, but this, his goodbye to the world, is the first I am reading. This brief collection of short essays spans the final year or so of his life, in which he catalogs his feelings about his impending death and the way his personal hierarchy of desires has shifted in the aftermath of learning of his impending mortality. Largely reflective of his well-lived life, with homages to different friends living and passed, these essays are lyrical and profound. I enjoyed reading them immensely.

6. Deadly Descendant, by Jenna Black (355 pages)
Nikki has to help deal with a crazed immortal whose immortality is cursed—only that’s not easy and leaves her with a type of rabies, the cure traumatizing. At the same time, Anderson’s wife hasn’t recovered and is gunning for her. She’s also still not sure she can trust him, anyway. Between a rock and a hard place, she has to find a way to survive.

7. The Firework-Maker's Daughter, by Philip Pullman (128 pages)
Lila wants to be a fireworks maker, but her father won’t let her as a girl. So she sets off on a dangerous and somewhat zany quest to find the secret. Her friends Chaluk and the talking white elephant he cares for set out after her to try to save her. Fun read.

8. Night Child, by Jes Battis (292 pages)
This book has potential, but there were still major issues with it. The rate of revelation, for instance, felt off. There’s a major literary gap where the reader is assumed to know a lot more than we do about the world. There are large tracts of unnecessary exposition that add little. It’s like there are several stories going on: the one with Mia, Tess’s backstory with Derrick, her backstory with her birth circumstances, and the backstory with Eve, and on top of that we have the hot and heavy with the necromancer. All of them are interesting, but it winds up being a bit rushed and confusing. Still going to give book 2 a chance—hoping these issues are resolved.

9. A Flash of Hex, by Jes Battis (371 pages)
Better than the first book but still with timeline issues. Still unclear on the main character’s personality. Otherwise interesting plot.

10. City of Ghosts, by Victoria Schwab (285 pages)
Cassidy can see ghosts, and has been able to ever since she “died” and was saved by one—Jason, now her best friend. She can reach beyond the Veil and discover how ghosts died. When her ghost-hunter parents get a TV show and they all head to Scotland for filming, she’ll discover just what she’s capable of, and the risks involved as well. If she survives, that is. Great YA urban fantasy. Really enjoyed it.

January pages: 2,374 pages

Pages to date: 2,374 pages


January 2019 comic books & manga:

1. My Brother's Husband: Volume 2, by Gengoroh Tagame (352 pages)
2. Hunter x Hunter: Volume 16, by Yoshihiro Togashi (208 pages)
3. Hunter x Hunter: Volume 17, by Yoshihiro Togashi (208 pages)
4. Hunter x Hunter: Volume 18, by Yoshihiro Togashi (208 pages)
5. Library Wars, Love & War: Volume 15, by Kiiro Yumi (189 pages)
6. Otomen: Volume 10, by Aya Kanno (208 pages)
7. Twin Spica: Volume 11, by Kou Yaginuma (360 pages)
8. Afterschool Charisma: Volume 6, by Kumiko Suekane (208 pages)
9. Monstress: Volume 3, by Marjorie M. Liu (168 pages)
10. Bleach: Volume 71, by Tite Kubo (192 pages)
11. Twin Spica: Volume 12, by Kou Yaginuma (422 pages)
12. Gravel: Volume 3, by Warren Ellis (176 pages)
13. Moon Knight: Volume 3, by Cullen Bunn (112 pages)
14. Lumberjanes: Volume 7, by Shannon Watters, Kat Leyh, Noelle Stevenson, & Grace Ellis (112 pages)
15. Y The Last Man: Volume 9, by Brian K. Vaughan (144 pages)
16. Ooku: The Inner Chambers: Volume 12, by Fumi Yoshinaga (240 pages)
17. DMZ: Volume 7, by Brian Wood (168 pages)
18. New Suicide Squad: Volume 3, by Sean Ryan (144 pages)
19. DC Bombshells: Volume 6, by Marguerite Bennett (176 pages)
20. Otomen: Volume 11, by Aya Kanno (200 pages)

January pages: 4,195 pages

Pages to date: 4,195 pages

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