Susanita (bardhlul) wrote in 50bookchallenge,

Book #8 - An Easy Death by Charlaine Harris

In this world the Romanov family has survived the Russian Revolution and moves to California. Then FDR dies before taking office, and the US is split into about a half dozen countries in the ensuring chaos. Some time later … enter Lizbeth Rose (aka Gunnie) and her crew, hired to ferry a family from one country to another. After that trip goes very awry, Gunnie returns home to find two Russian wizards at her doorstep, and she reluctantly goes with them on another quest. I found this ridiculous and fun, a bit Lonesome Dove meets Mad Max. This appears to be the first of a series, but it could also stand on its own. While I’m interested in continuing in this world, I’m not hanging on a thread wondering what’s going to happen next with Gunnie and her … new friends? Fulfills Read Harder challenge prompt: alternate history. Read 4-5 February.
Tags: alternate history, western

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