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Book #18: Is the New Testament History? by Dr. Paul Barnett

Number of pages: 173

This book is all about the historical evidence for Jesus and His resurrection, and the events described in the book of Acts and the Epistles. A lot of it was stuff I had read before, including how unlikely any argument against Jesus being resurrected is to be correct, but I loved the fact that this was a comprehensive and well-researched guide, setting out proof that the Gospels were written back at the time of Jesus.

One of the big things I took away from it was that the small discrepancies between the Gospels should help to convince me that all four writers wrote independently of each other, rather than collaborating.

This isn't an easy book, and has to be read slowly, but it is a good read for if you want to know about the historical evidence for Biblical events.

Next book: Nightrise (Anthony Horowitz)
Tags: christian, essays, history, non-fiction, scholarly, spiritual reading

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