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April 2019 reading

April 2019 reading:

38. Play with Fire & Midnight at the Oasis, by Justin Gustainis (496 pages)
When places of worship in different parts of the country start burning, with a hint of ritualism, it turns out a group intends to open the gates of hell. Later, a sleeper cell with a djinn at their disposal plan an attack, but their djinn desires lion hearts. Overall interesting books.

39. In an Absent Dream, by Seanan McGuire (204 pages)
Lundy stumbles upon a doorway to a world based in the sort of logic she is used to, a doorway her father stumbled through as a child. There she feels she belongs, but her father wishes to keep her out of there. Dark, and super good.

40. Indexing, by Seanan McGuire (404 pages)
Harry has grown up knowing she has the potential to be pulled into the narrative and become Snow White, and so she instead fights against it, trying to save reality from being sucked into stories when the narrative activates unwitting victims. In her team is a Wicked Stepsister, a Shoe Elf, a normal, and a newbie... And the narrative is starting to act up...

41. The Rising of the Shield Hero: Volume 1, by Aneko Yusagi (336 pages)
Naofumi is shocked when a book pulls him into a magical world where he's expected to be a hero--but it's a delighted kind of shocked. The positives quickly wear off when his roll is considered lesser, and they turn dark when he's betrayed, robbed, and cast out, with no one to trust. He decides to survive, if only to leave this accursed world, no matter what it takes. I wasn't sure about this one at first, but it's really good.

April pages: 1,440

Pages to date: 11,808 pages


April 2019 comic books & manga:

58. DMZ: Volume 8, by Brian Wood (192 pages)
59. Paper Girls: Volume 4, by Brian K. Vaughan (128 pages)
60. Yotsuba&!: Volume 14, by Kiyohiko Azuma (240 pages)
61. Minimum Wage: Issue 1, by Bob Fingerman (33 pages)
62. Stepping on Roses: Volume 3, by Rinko Ueda (208 pages)
63. I Hear the Sunspot: Limit: Volume 1, by Yuki Fumino (242 pages)
64. Otomen: Volume 14, by Aya Kanno (192 pages)
65. Skip Beat!: Volume 36, by Yoshiki Nakamura (200 pages)
66. Spice & Wolf: Volume 12, by Isuna Hasekura (160 pages)
67. Toradora!: Volume 7, by Yuyuko Takemiya (192 pages)
68. Bride of the Water God: Volume 17, by Mi-Kyung Yun (176 pages)
69. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: Volume 1, by Fuse (192 pages)
70. Oh My Goddess!: Volume 5, by Kosuke Fujishima (117 pages)
71. Loveless: Volume 13, by Yun Kouga (162 pages)
72. Aqua: Volume 1, by Kozue Amano (192 pages)
73. Barefoot Gen: Volume 2, by Keiji Nakazawa (234 pages)
74. Y The Last Man: Volume 10, by Brian K. Vaughan (168 pages)
75. The Mighty Thor: Volume 3, by Jason Aaron (160 pages)
76. Pet Shop of Horrors: Volume 2, by Matsuri Akino (218 pages)
77. Ooku The Inner Chambers: Volume 13, by Fumi Yoshinaga (248 pages)
78. Gravel: Volume 10, by Mike Wolfer (144 pages)
79. Kuma Miko: Volume 5, by Masume Yoshimoto (160 pages)
80. Hunter x Hunter: Volume 25, by Yoshihiro Togashi (216 pages)
81. Hunter x Hunter: Volume 26, by Yoshihiro Togashi (216 pages)
82. Fushigi Yugi The Mysterious Play: Volume 2, by Yuu Watase (192 pages)
83. Planetes: Volume 4.2, by Makoto Yukimura (200 pages)
84. Swamp Thing: Volume 6, by Alan Moore (200 pages)
85. After School Nightmare: Volume 9, by Setona Mizushiro (200 pages)
86. The Mighty Thor: Volume 4, by Jason Aaron (136 pages)
87. Batman and Harley Quinn, by Ty Templeton (136 pages)
88. All-New Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2, by Gerry Duggan (136 pages)
89. Skip Beat!: Volume 37, by Yoshiki Nakamura (200 pages)
90. Hana-Kimi: Volume 1, by Hisaya Nakajo (184 pages)
91. Crossed: Volume 12, by David Lapham (224 pages)
92. Puella Magi Tart Magica: Volume 4, by Magica Quartet (176 pages)

April pages: 6,374

Pages to date: 21,202 pages

Tags: fantasy, glbt, graphic novel, japanese novel, manga, manhwa, post-apocalypse, sci-fi, urban fantasy, young adult

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