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Book #30: Feel Free by Zadie Smith

Number of pages: 436

This is a collection of Zadie Smith's essays, and covers a wide range of topics, including politics, films and art.

At times this book felt a bit too dense, and sometimes I found myself not really remembering much of what I'd read about, particularly where the essays were about "niche" subjects (and I did end up re-reading a few of the essays), including books that I had never read. My only other issue I had was that a lot of the content of her Brexit essay will probably feel like old news in five years time. I noticed that a few of the essays went off on tangents.

My favourite parts of the book were when it became autobiographical, and she talked about her childhood and family life. The main appeal of this book for me was Smith's writing style, and the subtle humour that she uses in most of the essays. I still prefer reading her novels, though.

Next book: Lean on Pete (Willy Vlautin)
Tags: art, current events, essays, politics

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