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Book 45

Monolith (Angel: Season 4-5, #6)Monolith by John Passarella

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was enjoyable and felt like it could be an episode of the show in spite of being improbably shoehorned into the small window of time between Angel's rescue from the ocean and Cordelia going evil. A monolithic structure has popped up in the middle of an L.A. street bearing two faces, a humanoid one on one side and a demonic one (not unlike Angel's vamp face) on the other. It's not quite in synch with this world.

It is a gateway to a demonic realm where the Summoner, with ties to Hollywood's movie makers, plans to usher in the next End of Days and set himself up as ruler on the new earth-bound hell. The usual players in their usual roles leap into action with Wes and Fred, with Cordy's help are on research duty. Lorne is out pounding the demonic pavement to see what he can find. Angel and Connor are the muscle and poor Gunn is left on look-out duty, surveilling the monolith.

And that factors into this. Gunn chafing under all the time Fred spends with Wes and him being dismissed as not quite smart enough to do anything in the research vein. This leads to unexpected and bad results for Gunn.

Angel and Connor's rocky relationship is also front and center, though there is some unevenness with how Connor is written, in one notable example, him deciding to do something then getting annoyed and not wanting to do it when Angel says it. Connor isn't an idiot when it comes to battle but okay. It was nice, however, having them work together at the end.

Many of these pro 'fanfics' can be uneven but this was one of the better Buffyverse tie-ins.

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