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Book 54

The Wrath of Fate: Book 1 of The Airship Pirate ChroniclesThe Wrath of Fate: Book 1 of The Airship Pirate Chronicles by 'Captain' Robert Brown

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was written by Robert Brown, head of the steampunk band Abney Park and is a fictionalized history of the band and their songs. I saw several reviewers complained of grammar/spelling errors. I have the second edition and I think that's been dealt with. That said, as much as I love Brown as a lyricist this skill with words has translated all that well to novel form. I think this would have worked much better as a graphic novel as emotionally its a bit flat and having the art and graphic novel formatting might have helped.

We follow Captain Robert as he finally decides to give it a real go as a band (after finding a letter from his younger self) and convinces his band (one of whom, Kristina, is his wife) to take a gamble on a distant music festival. Fate interviews and something bad happens but on the other hand he and Kristina are now on Dr. Caligori's time traveling air ship.

Proving to be a good captain, Brown takes over the role and at first they accidentally manage to intervene with a slave ship and it changes history. Seeing this as his mission, they go through time trying to avert horrible things like the rise of the third Reich but the last third of the novel is about how this backfires in a horrible way.

This ties it into Abney Park's end of the world dystopic lyrics that I love so much. I didn't connect with the novel that much though and I had a few things that bugged me bad Telling me WWII was 'ancient history' for someone from our time doesn't ring through especially when he didn't think about what a fighter plane would do to a freaking air ship. I mean they were around for WWI so that make him look sort of dumb. It also bugged me that the two girls they pick up in the end aged 5 & 8 were too young to know this wasn't their father. I'm like you have kids sir, I'm sure your daughter would recognize you by age 8.

This does wrap up most of the storyline but it does have an open ending. However, I think I'll save my pennies for their music.

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