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Books 21 - 30.

21. Landsberg - The Medieval Garden
A useful guide to anyone wanting to know what they were like, and for those who might want to recreate some of them.

22. Aust - Less: A Visual Guide To Minimalism
Neat, though not much new.

23. Monroe - A Girl Called Jack: 100 Delicious Budget Recipes
Cheerful budget recipes for two, a bit British :)

24. Cannato - Radical Amazement: Contemplative Lessons From Black Holes, Supernovas, & Other Wonders Of The Universe
The gushiness and the constant putting-in of the words "radical amazement" into the stories may grate a little, but it's great to know in how many great ways God is involved in the creation of the universe, and still creates.

25. L.Ma - Severance
A different kind of zombie story, quiet, quite connected with New York, immigration, and belonging.

26. Xie - Eye Level: Poems
A short poetry collection with great images and things to think about.

27. Laing - The Lonely City: Adventures In The Art Of Being Alone
Loneliness can be a power, too. Learned a lot about art also.

28. Loudon - Unveiled: Nuns Talking
Interviews of nuns, both Anglican and Catholic, cloistered and apostolic, with different temperaments, histories and attitudes.

29. Maqsood - Islam: An Introduction (Teach Yourself)
A good introduction, stays well in the middle of the road, and can see better both good and less-so sides of this faith.

30. Klein - No Logo: No Space, No Choice, No Jobs
A classic, even if some information can be dated. Makes you think, even now.

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