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Books 48 and 49

48. City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare
I have finished this series at last. If you like the series and want to see it through, it’s a satisfying conclusion. If not, well, you haven’t hung in there this long. It’s not really a book to be read on its own. There’s a showdown between our heroine and her nemesis, and meanwhile there are seeds planted for the inevitable follow-up trilogy, which I will probably read in due course, as well as the prequel series. Read 27 July-8 August.
49. Storm Front by James Butcher
Since I love mystery and love fantasy, I figured I would love a supernatural mystery. I was wrong. (I also bailed on Dirk Gently, so maybe it’s me.) Though I’ve heard that the series gets better, I won’t read further. It started out strong with some snarky dialogue about wizards, but for the most part I thought it was rather ridiculous. As a silly example, there’s a section where the MC is interrupted in the shower to deal with a demon in his apartment, and he goes on and on about the shampoo running into his eyes. I have short hair too, so I know that shampoo doesn’t stay in your hair that long, especially if you go running outside in the middle of a wailing rainstorm. (Yeah he’s also gallivanting naked for this whole sequence.) Fulfills Litsy Booked2019 challenge prompt: genre buster. Read 5-10-August,
Tags: fantasy, mystery, supernatural, young adult

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