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Book #42: Do Not Pass Go by Tim Moore

Number of pages: 340

This was my fourth read of this book, and I think the reason why I kept wanting to return to it was because of Tim Moore's illustration of London, specifically by visiting every location on the standard British Monopoly board.

Moore has been rightfully compared to Bill Bryson, because the book is littered with anecdotes, usually quite self-deprecating, about his visits to different locations, which are filled with Bryson's style of humour mixed with complete bafflement. My favourite of these anecdotes is in the final chapter, and involves a misunderstanding while attempting to purchase jellied eels, which ends in him making a fool of himself.

The rest of the book is filled with historical information, which is mixed with the same humour as the rest of the book. Plus, there are his observations as to how things have changed significantly since the game was originally produced, as well as comments about how some of the choices of streets and locations are a little unusual. Maybe someone should do this for the American version of Monopoly.

Next book: Sofia Khan is Not Obliged (Ayisha Malik)
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