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Book #53: Alan Partridge: Nomad by Neil Gibbons, Rob Gibbons and Steve Coogan

Number of pages: 276

This is another spoof autobiography of the fictional Alan Partridge, following on from I, Partridge, but in this case it documents Alan's attempts to hike across Britain attempting to "follow in the footsteps" of his father.

This being a comedy book, it doesn't say much about hiking, but instead contains the usual humour I have come to expect from anything Alan Partridge related, usually including fake anecdotes about random celebrities, as well as Alan's complete nariccism.

I noticed that the book went off on tangents a lot, including Alan's own telling of what happened during the film, Alpha Pappa (anyone familiar with the first book will not be surprised that he spends a lot of this story lying and exaggerating). I also liked that there were a few more poignant moments that bought out Alan's more human side, particularly near the end.

Next book: Agatha Raisin and the Murderous Marriage (M.C. Beaton)
Tags: british, comedy, humor, memoir, misery memoir, television
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