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Books 51 - 60.

51. G.Eliot - Middlemarch
Very thick book, but so much worth it.

52. Hillesum - Essential Writings (English translation)
A surprisingly good path of a mystic's development, from chaos to peace in chaotic world.

53. M.Shikibu - The Tale Of Genji (unabridged, R.Tyler transl.)
Really good story, really good translation, really good notes and pictures.

54. S.Clarke - The Ladies Of Grace Adieu & Other Stories
A really good short story collection with things happening in the same universe as Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell.

55. Gerson - Paletas: Authentic Recipes For Mexican Ice Pops, Shaved Ice & Aguas Frescas
What it says. It may be short, but there's plenty of recipes for people of all ages.

56. St. Elizabeth Of The Trinity - The Praise Of Glory: Reminisces Of... A Carmelite Nun Of Dijon, 1901-1906 (English translation)
You don't hear so much of this Carmelite saint, perhaps because her holiness is so inwardly focused and how this is written, but it's still a pretty fascinating story.

57. Weir & Clarke - A Tudor Christmas
What a great read, informative, and you feel like taking on some of the customs (again).

58. Jansson - Finn Family Moomintroll (in Finnish: The Magician's Hat) (English translation)
A story with excitement and comfort, with all ending happily with plenty of food to eat.

59. Michaels - Hot Bod In A Box: Kick Butt With 50 Exercises From TV's Toughest Trainer
Actually a box of cards that I consider here to be a book - and having the moves on cards makes them easy to see when you need to do them.

60. Cavallini - St. Martin De Porres (English Translation)
Excellent biography, never wandering too far from the person, quite modern in attitude. Martin dP is a far more interesting a man than you'd think at first.

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