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Book #59: Sole Survivor by Dean Koontz

Number of pages: 437

I'd had this book on my shelf for years and, although I'm certain I read it before, I couldn't remember any of it, so I decided to read it again.

At the start the main character, Joe, has reached the first anniversary of his wife and daughters dying in a plane crash. This is when things start getting weird for him.

First off, some men appear to be following him on the beach, and when visiting his family's graves, he is approached by a mysterious woman who says she was in the plane crash and survived, but she can't explain what happened just yet, and then the men from the beach chase her up.

This prompts Joe to investigate the plane crash, while attempting to find out who the mysterious woman is. This wasn't the best of Dean Koontz's novels, but it was good at keeping me guessing. So, the story seemed to be going into horror territory when it started mentioning people who committed suicide despite not having shown any suicidal tendencies. It also felt a lot like The X-Files as it turned into a science fiction/conspiracy story, although there also seemed to be similarities to some of Dan Brown's novels.

The real reason for the events was slightly bizarre, but the novel was at least written in a way that wrapped up all of its plot holes.

Next book: Dear Ijeawele (Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie)
Tags: conspiracy fiction, contemporary, fiction, grief, magical realism, sci-fi, supernatural, suspense, thriller

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