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Last books and reading wrapup

71. Raven Black by Ann Cleaves
First in the Shetland mystery series. In the wee hours of New Year’s Day, two teenagers stop by the home of the local recluse, and a few days later one of them is found dead in the field leading to his home. This case has parallels to a missing child from several years ago, for which he was suspected but never charged. Good introduction to the characters and landscape without getting bogged down in exposition. Related to the BBC series but with only one story in common. Read 26-30 December.
72. Red at the Bone by Jacqueline Woodson
Poignant family story about a young African American girl coming of age in Brooklyn in 2001. Told from POVs of her parents and grandparents as well as her own, taking place at various points in time. Not as engaging as Brown Girt Dreaming, but still memorable. Short read. Good way to close out the year. Read 31 December.
Wrap up
• 72 books total, 62 authors, 43 new-to-me authors, 48 female authors, 13 authors of color
• 35 mysteries, 15 historical, 13 speculative, 8 children’s/YA, 6 NF/biography
• 2 books in translation, 1 movie adaptation (Artemis Fowl, May 2020)
• Oldest published in 1935, newest published in September 2019
• Favorites: Brown Girl Dreaming, With the Fire on High, Inheritance
• Least favorites: Christmas Cake Murder and The Silver Dream
• Non-fantasy settings included 24 US States, Canada, Mexico, France, UK, Ireland, Lithuania, Bolivia
• Modern Mrs. Darcy challenge completed, bailed on Read Harder and Litsy Booked2019
• Volunteered at National Book Festival and attended local book festival
• Other than a trip to B&N based on a request from myspouse, patronized only indie bookstores
• In 2020 I want to seek out more diverse authors/settings and reduce my backlog of partially finished books
Tags: fiction, mystery

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