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Book #14: The Inimitable Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse

Number of pages: 224

For those not familiar with the Jeeves and Wooster novels, Jeeves is the butler to the hapless Bertie Wooster, who also narrates. This is not the first book in the series, but I saw it secondhand and bought it anyway.

The one thing I noticed about this book was that it felt very episodic, with several incidents that were usually resolved by Jeeves intervening; most of them involved Bertie Wooster's friend Bingo, and the number of women who he dates throughout the book, starting with a waitress, who his uncle doesn't want him to see because she is from a lower social class. There were a few subplots, including Bertie Wooster pretending to have written a book under a pseudonym, which led to an unexpected pay off near the end.

The book's narrative style made it slightly dense, and hard to get into at times, but I found it very funny, and even farcical in places. It was a book that I had to read quite slowly, just to make sure I'd not missed anything, but I think I would read another Jeeves and Wooster book sometime. The TV adaptations with Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie are probably worth investigating too.

Next book: Trent's Own Case (E.C. Bentley & H. Warner Allen)
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