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Book #15: Trent's Own Case by E.C. Bentley & H. Warner Allen

Number of pages: 253

This was a completely blind read, also the second in a trilogy of books written at surprisingly long intervals (the gaps between titles are about twenty years). So, in this book, the eponymous Philip Trent has been called out to investigate another murder, apparently because he was one of the last to see the victim alive.

In this case, someone has signed a confession to having committed the act, but Trent doesn't seem to be so convinced, especially as he has (apparently) been framed for it himself.

I personally found this book a bit of a struggle at times; it felt too long-winded, and had too many flashbacks, even a flashback-within-a-flashback at one point. It wasn't the easiest of books to read, especially when it came up to lengthy summing up of the killer's motives. Personally, I wouldn't recommend this one.

Next book: Dracula (Bram Stoker)
Tags: british, murder mystery, period fiction (20th century), unimpressed

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