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Book #30: Cosmic Ordering by Jonathan Cainer

Number of pages: 159

Someone bought this for me several years ago, and I only read the first few chapters, probably because it felt a tad pretentious. However, I decided at last to give it another chance.

It is effectively a book about making wishes, and a guide to how to make them come true. It feels a bit unconventional, because the bulk is written in the form of the "guardian angel" directly addressing the reader, repeatedly telling them that "I do not judge". So, my understanding is that the writer Jonathan Cainer does believe in guardian angels, who set down all sorts of rules as to which requests they will grant, i.e. they must not be malicious.

I was inclined to think again that this was pretentious, but I did notice that the book started making some good insights about the human psyche, and about human nature, and how most of us don't realise what we need, and just make wishes with our hearts.

I am still not sure whether I believe in cosmic ordering, but the book gave me a few things to think about anyway.

Next book: Dark Hollow (John Connolly)
Tags: angels/demons, psychiatry, self help

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