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May 2020 - Books 23 to 29

23. The Winter of the Witch by Katherine Arden
Conclusion to the Winternight series in which the young heroine goes on an extended quest to save her family and her country. Fitting ending to a glittering trilogy.
24. The Fateful Lightning by Jeff Shaara
Last book in the Civil War in the West series, about Sherman’s March to the Sea and the conclusion to the War in Appomattox, which I consumed as an audiobook. Thorough and engaging, with a useful perspective from a freed slave as well as fighters on both sides of the combat.
25. Simon the Fiddler by Paulette Jiles
Simon is conscripted as a Confederate soldier at the very end of the Civil War and ends up in Texas in a military band, where he meets the woman he wants to marry and spends the rest of the book trying to make this happen. Well-crafted characters and an intriguing story.
26. Undercover Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams
Characters from the first book in the series have a steamy enemies-to-friends romance and help each other heal from past traumas. Deals with the important topic of sexual harassment in a heavy-handed way and also includes several proofreading errors.
27. Force of Nature by Jane Harper
Five women go into Australia’s Giralang Ranges for a corporate retreat, but only four women emerge from the woods at the end of the weekend. Very atmospheric and eerie mystery, second in the Aaron Falk series.
28. In the Neighborhood of True by Susan Kaplan Carlson
After her father dies, a young Jewish woman moves with her family from New York to Atlanta and tries to fit in with the pre-debutante crowd at her elite high school, until a hate crime takes place that puts the different parts of her life into sharp focus. Great characters and interesting story that doesn’t hold together quite as well as it could.
29. Pale Rider: The Spanish Flu of 1918 and How It Changed the World by Laura Spinney
A thoroughly researched examination and discussion of the precursors, treatments, and consequences of the Spanish flu outbreak 100 years ago. More than a little alarming but also strangely comforting.
Tags: fantasy, historical fiction, mystery, non-fiction, romance, young adult

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