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Books 21 - 30.

21. M.Miller - Circe
Just as good as the Achilles book, and a good continuation to some of that story also.

22. S.Collins - Catching Fire (HG#3)(Finnish translation)
Slowly reading through this trilogy... clearly a middle book, but shows Katniss's mental suffering increasing.

23. F.Hunter - Skinwalker
Read to test what this series might be like, and looks like I'll be reading more!

24. C.White (transl.) - Lives Of Roman Christian Women (English translation)
I have read the Jerome letters before, but on the whole, this is much better than I thought.

25. Mishima - After The Banquet (English translation)
Surprisingly positive picture of a woman realising where her true happiness is.

26. Yoshimoto - Goodbye Tsugumi (English translation)
Tsugumi may be rough-mouthed, but the last summer with her leaves the storyteller with good memories.

27. Zusak - The Book Thief
Although I didn't cry, this book was well-written and thoughtprovoking.

28. Ward - Harlots Of The Desert: A Study Of Repentance In Early Monastic Sources (English translation)
Slim, but with much depth, the stories rather positive on the women, and the men in their lives. Inspiration for monks, and for anyone else also.

29. Sanchez - Havana Real: One Woman Fights To Tell The Truth About Cuba Today (English translation)
The one word for the life in Cuba for most people: "lack".

30. Fontanel - The Art Of Sleeping Alone: Why One French Woman Suddenly Gave Up Sex (English translation)
It's true that this book is about taking a pause from sex and relationships, and finding things to enjoy instead, but it makes you think about what others would expect from you, and how to declare your own choices and will. Very French :)

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