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Book #41: One Forever by Rory Shiner

Number of pages: 88

This is a book that I previously reviewed briefly here.

Reading it again, I was careful to avoid any distractions - I recalled getting distracted on my last read through just by someone sat behind me in Starbucks - and I got more out of it. The purpose of the book is to explain what it means to be "In Christ", which is a phrase that a lot of people might not understand properly, and there is a lot of theology to absorb.

Rory Shiner does a good job here of writing this book in a way that anyone can relate to, with some humour, and a few pop culture references - it reminds me of the preaching I am used to in the church that I regularly attend. Thus, it is an easy book for people not that familar with Christianity to start with.

Next book: Kylie: la la la (William Baker & Kylie Minogue)
Tags: christian, essays, non-fiction, scholarly, spiritual reading

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