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Books 31-40.

31. Tyldesley - Daughters Of Isis: Women Of Ancient Egypt
Nicely thorough picture of what the life for women was like there: much better than in some other countries of that era (like Greece or Rome).

32. Tolstoy - Anna Karenina (English translation)
Much more than I expected, with some nice scenes among the tragedies.

33. Bowman - Contagion
A bit like the seconde Alien movie, ending with a cliffhanger for the second book of the duo.

34. Ishiguro - The Remains Of The Day
"Look at your life, look at your choices", indeed, but quietly so.

35. Toibin - Brooklyn
Entertaining though a little obvious, still like it.

36. Harrison - Dead Witch Walking
Good supernatural story, though not so much that I would continue reading this series.

37. Kusher - The Mars Room
One of the best in this ten: life choices, unfair punishment system, beauty of nature and such.

38. Gyasi - Homegoing
Follows a clear pattern, but beautifully, with bookends beginning and ending.

39. W.Gibson - Pattern Recognition
Located more in the present (now clearly our past), with a writer tone I felt very familiar though I haven't read his books for some years before this.

40. E.Bear - Ancestral Night
Nice pace of action in this scifi story, with surprising, beautiful, and astonishing scenes.

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