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August 2020 - Books 42 to 49

42. The Book of Delights by Ross Gay
A year’s worth of short essays on a variety of mostly everyday topics. It’s clear that the author is a poet, because every essay is, well, delightful.
43. Red Bones by Ann Cleeves
An archaeological dig on one of the islands turns up more than expected, and two people are murdered in the process. Very interesting story but sometimes a little clichéd writing.
44. Blue Lightning by Ann Cleeves
Jimmy takes his fiancée home to Fair Isle, famous for sweaters (which don’t figure in the story) and bird watchers (which do figure in the story), and his holiday turns deadly and then tragic.
45. The Henna Artist by Alka Joshi
A young woman in 1950s India leaves her husband and hometown to become a henna artist in another city, but her position is threatened when he shows up with a younger sister she didn’t know she had. Very interesting story and main character.
46. Girl Gone Missing by Marcie Rendon
Book two in Cash Blackbear series, in which Cash is now a college student and investigates the disappearance of one of her classmates. As in the first book, the mystery is a little light, but the character and atmosphere make up for this.
47. Babel: Around the World in Twenty Languages by Gaston Dorren
Based on the premise that half the world’s population speaks one of twenty languages as a first or second language, the author sets out to learn those he doesn’t know and describes them all with interesting linguistic features and quirks. Very entertaining and informative about many aspects of the human experience.
48. Dead Water by Ann Cleeves
Several months after the hair-raising events of the previous Shetland mysteries installment, the main character is back on his feet and working with a new supervisory inspector to solve the case of a journalist’s body found in the boat of the local prosecutor. I didn’t really buy the motivation for the murder(s) but was glad to see the main character back in action.
49. Thin Air by Ann Cleeves
The next book in the Shetland series takes us to the northernmost island in the UK where a couple’s wedding party goes horribly wrong after their friend disappears and then is found dead next to a small loch. Features a dizzying amount of travel across the islands and also a trip to London.
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