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Book 59

Off the Rails: Book 1 in the White Rose RailroadOff the Rails: Book 1 in the White Rose Railroad by Sìne Peril

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sophie Andrews finds herself facing the impossible to believe. In the days just after the end of the Civil War, her husband is killed in Washington DC, after surviving the war. The now wealthy widow, goes to claim his body and meets up with her husband's second hand man, Mr. Hamilton who was also badly injured in the attack.

Once home in Buffalo, Sophie finds herself wondering just what happened. Mr. Hamilton becomes a surprising resource as Sophie digs into it. Meanwhile, she's under pressure by her husband's partners in a railroad company he helped build from scratch to sell out. Sophie has been running the business while her husband is at war and doesn't really want to give it up.

Naturally you're going to get the a woman's place is in the home stuff given the time setting (Frustrating but realistic for the mid 1800s) As Sophie refuses to buckle and keeps digging, she is making her and her daughter targets of a killer.

With the help of Mr. Hamilton and a couple of Pinkertons, Sophie has to solve the mystery or die trying.

I really liked Sophie and Mr. Hamilton. There was a lot of research done for this and you can tell, especially when it comes to health care (mental) and women in that time period (which was a chilling thing, trust me on that one). About the only quibble I have is once we get to the sanitorium (not a spoiler, it's in the blurb) is there are a handful of spelling/grammar errors but they detract very little from the overall storyline and the sanitorium setting is very tense.

I wouldn't mind seeing more of these characters. I notice that Goodreads has it listed as a series but it is definitely all wrapped up in one story wise (then again mysteries almost always are).

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