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Final books (51 to 103.)

51.C.McCarthy - Outer Dark
A searching journey in the last years of Wild West time.

52.Hardy - Under The Greenwood Tree
A light beginner's book with great atmosphere.

53.Sharma - The Anger Of Aubergines
Stories with food theme plus recipes.

54.Shaffer & Barrows - The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society
Doesn't live up to the hype, though tries to be funny and romantic.

55.Herrera - Signs Preceding The End Of The World
A supernatural-feeling journey across the border.

56.Nguyên - The Song Of Kieu
This book is Vietnam (even if the story doesn't happen there).

57.Babbitt - Tuck Everlasting
Who wants to live forever?

58.Kawakami - Strange Weather In Tokyo
A short romance briging two lonely people together.

59.A.Breton - Nadja
Observing an unique yet troubled woman.

60.Leiris - You Will Not Have My Hate
Coping with the loss of your wife yet not giving the murderers what they want.

61.Rhys - After Leaving Mr Mackenzie
When the relationship habits take you to a dead end.

62.Sapphire - Precious
Giving a doomed teen a feeling of hope and better view of herself.

63.D.Burke - Into The Deep: Finding Peace Through Prayer
Suprisingly giving you new things to think about on prayer.

64.Trigilio, Brighenti, Cafone - Catholic Mass For Dummies
How it is done.

65.Wagamama: Feed Your Soul
Third W. book and still very good.

66.Dunlop - Every Grain Of Rice: Simple Chinese Home Cooking
How it is really done.

67.Loreau - L'Art De La Liste: Simplify, Organise, Enrich Your Life
For those who love to make lists and want new prompts.

68.Campbell & Campbell - The China Study: Revised & Expanded Edition
It's easy to see why this is a classic, though some parts go on too long.

69.Pressfield - Do The Work
Simple and quick to read, but very deep.

70.Greger - How Not To Diet: The Groundbreaking Science Of Healthy, Permanent Weight Loss
How to lose weight in a sensible, safe way.

71.Greger, Stone & Robertson- The How Not To Die Cookbook: 100+ Recipes To Help Prevent & Reverse Disease
Plenty of delicious recipes.

72.Clason - The Richest Man In Babylon
How to manage your money, though stories set in ancient Babylon. Still holds well.

73.Fisher - Buddhist Art & Architecture
Shame the pics are black and white, but the information is good.

74.Kerouac - Vanity Of Duluoz
Remembering your 'Glory Days' in the last bitter years of your life.

75.Wilson - The Way We Eat Now: Strategies For Eating In A World Of Change
Again has information I didn't know before, and some really great suggestions on how to go on.

76.Kuan - The Chinese Takeout Cookbook: Quick & Easy Dishes To Prepare At Home
What it says (great pics too).

77.Kim Man-Jung - The Nine Cloud Dream
A Buddhist tale of a monk's journey in a new, eventful life, and what realisations he makes.

78.Diderot - Jacques The Fatalist
I can see how this is a classic, but better borrow and read first before you think of buying it.

79.Issa/Hammill (transl.) - The Spring Of My Life & Selected Haikus
Beautiful, sometimes very moving.

80.DeLillo - Falling Man
Dealing with life right after 9/11, DeLillo style.

81.Oakley - Vegan 100: Over 100 Incredible Recipes From Avant-Garde Vegan
Delicious recipes.

82.Watson (transl.) - Four Huts: Asian Writings On The Simple Life
And the lives *are* very simple, yet interesting to read about (China/Japan).

83.Ueshiba - The Art Of Peace
Philosophy of a martial art, great though I didn't always agree with everything.

84.J.Oliver - Veg
Finally this kind of cookbook from him!

85.Watson (transl.) - One Hundred Leaves: A New Annotated Translation Of The 'Hyakunin Isshu'
Interesting poetry, though not necessarily essential.

86.Masuno - Zen: The Art Of Simple Living
Good lessons with great pictures.

87.Spencer & Schenker - The Fast Diet Recipe Book: 150 Delicious, Calorie-Controlled Meals To Make Your Fasting Days Easy
Recipes for 5:2 diet keepers.

88.Mahfouz - Miramar
A new maid gets many men fighting over her in wintry Alexandria, Egypt of the 1960s.

89.Oakley - Plants-Only Kitchen: Over 70 Delicious, Super Simple, Powerful & Protein-Packed Recipes For Busy People
Even better than the other book, with more recipes to my taste.

90.Losciale (ed.) - Prayers For Coping With Cancer: Marking The Journey
What is says; sometimes quite moving.

91.Lawrence - The Lion Atlas Of Bible History
And a very good one too.

92.Kadare - Three Elegies For Kosovo
All connecting to one historical battle.

93.Lin - Shoplifting From American Apparel
Hipsters living a blank life in a completely not-essential story.

94.The Church's Most Powerful Novenas
What it says.

95.Goulding - Rice Noodle Fish: Deep Travels Through Japan's Food Culture
If you have any interest in the subject, it is indeed worth it even if it's not a cookbook.

96.Anderson - Vegan Japaneasy: Classic & Modern Vegan Japanese Recipes To Cook At Home
So happy there's a cookbook like this; written with humor.

97.Kadare - The Traitor's Niche
A niche for the heads of what the Ottaman empire considers traitors, and a story of one situation that brings a head or two into it, from Albania.

98.Goggins - Can't Hurt Me: Master Your Mind & Defy The Odds
His life and lessons learnt from it. Even you never join the military it has good lessons to learn from.

99.Trejo - Trejo's Tacos: Recipes & Stories From LA
And not just taco recipes :)

100.Pope Francis - Prayer: The Breath Of New Life
What it says.

101.Vost - Memorise The Faith! (& Most Anything Else) Using The Methods Of The Great Catholic Medieval Memory Masters
The 'house with rooms full of objects' technique. You may only choose a few lists to remember, but the technique works.

102.MacDuckston - Ramen At Home: The Easy Japanese Cookbook For Classic Ramen & Bold New Flavors
If you want just one ramen book to have, this is perfect. Some surprising ways to make them. Suitable for vegetarians, vegans, and children too.

103.Foster - Eat All Day Diet
Ways, tips, and recipes how to eat healthy with three main meals and three snack-times.

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