November 14th, 2009

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Book 54 for 2009

Falling Free by Lois McMaster Bujold

I've loved every one of Bujold's books so far and this one was no exception.

Set in the same universe as her Vorkosigan series, but rather earlier, it tells the story of engineer Leo Graf whose latest assignment is to train zero gravity welders at the Cay Habitat, orbiting the remote planet Rodeo.

But Leo's new students are no ordinary folk - they are "quaddies", genetically engineered humans with a second pair of arms instead of legs, and internal systems adapted ideally for life in freefall. More sinisterly, they are not legally people, so when new technology renders them obsolete before they've even begun working, Leo has some hard decisions to make....
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Found, bought, and read a book today:

Osprey New Vanguard #140: Armored Trains

It dealt with a topic about which I knew little, and fleshed it out interestingly. Nice photos, as well.