November 19th, 2009

FUNNY - Elephant Trampoline [ANI]

Books YAY

So i recently started the next Artemis Fowl book The Arctic Incident...Made it to chapter 5 and quit. I am not having a lot of luck with these books. I don't know if it's the story line that i am having issues with or if it's the author's writing style. Either way i won't be continuing that series due to the fact that it just doesn't interest me.

I started reading Wicked By Gregory Maguire. I have to say right from the prologue i was interested. I never read them when starting a book and i read that one and was laughing about it. I am liking it so far and find it overly amusing. I've already checked out the next book Son Of A Witch Cause i am sure that too will be a good read. I plan on reading all his books. As you will notice my Book List has changed slightly but it's still pretty much the same.

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Happy Reading and again i am always open to suggestions...
Question to anyone who has read The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy...Would you recommend it?