March 13th, 2010


You're Just This... Guy

Note: This may contain some spoilers, but mostly mild ones. Nothing that's not obvious from the off.

Shadow of the Templar by tsukikoushi code name: Moon Calf
Action/Adventure, Suspense, Queer/LGBT emphasis on the Gay

Overall Rating: 5/5

Summary: This is a four part series about an FBI agent and an international thief. The four novels are The Morning Star, Double Down, With a Bullet, and High Fidelity.

Shadow of the Templar: The Morning Star

Rating: 4/5

Summary: Simon Drake is an FBI agent, codename Templar. His team, Team Templar, consists of five people. At the start of The Morning Star, the team has gone undercover at a swanky-ass rich person's party in order to catch the international thief, Jeremy Archer, codename Shadow, who is stealing a rather large diamond, the Morning Star. However, they weren't nearly as prepared as they thought and he gets away. However, Archer, a thief with morals, decides to call and return the stolen diamond. Simon agrees to meet with Jeremy and discuss terms and reasons and so forth. Jeremy flirts shamelessly with Simon the entire time, and eventually they come to an agreement. The diamond which Jeremy had stolen was then stolen from him by the man who hired him to steal it in the first place. Thus, Jeremy joins Team Templar in retrieving the diamond, and starts something Simon never would have expected...

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Shadow of the Templar: Double Down

Rating: 4/5

Summary: In the second installment of Shadow of the Templar, the team is assigned a mission to catch a thief who has been stealing high tech technology for the Russian mafia. What's unusual about this is the thief's style is a lot like a certain international thief they know, except for the fact that this thief is killing. Simon calls Jeremy in to help them discover the thief. Jeremy does all he can to help, without giving away the name of the thief, while he and Simon do their best to keep their oh, so secret relationship a secret. In the end, trusts are broken and secrets revealed, but what secrets and whose trust....?

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Shadow of the Templar: With A Bullet

Rating: 3.5/5

Summary: The third book starts off with Simon in the hospital after he was shot by a criminal recently out of prison. Sandra, as second-in-command, is now the temporary boss of the team. She takes it upon herself to call Jeremy and inform him that Simon has been shot, her own sneaking suspicions about their relationship worrying at the edge of her mind. When Jeremy shows up, Sandra places him in charge of taking care of Simon once he's out of the hospital while the team tries to find the culprit responsible for their boss's injury. They all know who it is, but the man proves more elusive than anticipated and slowly tries to break the team, while Simon keeps Jeremy's hands full in more ways than one....

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Shadow of the Templar: High Fidelity

Rating: 5/5

Summary: Simon receives an urgent call from Jeremy informing him that Karpol, their Russian friend has finally found Jeremy and is doing his utmost best to catch him, while Jeremy is on the run. Jeremy asks Simon to relay a message to the woman in charge of his answering service, which Simon happily does... twenty-four hours too late because he needed to confirm Jeremy's story. And if that's not enough, the cover up on the Farraday case is being questioned and Simon is placed on suspension. Well, what better time than now to go to Europe and save Jeremy...?

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I'm apart of her now

No. 12 for 2010

Title: Still Alice
Author: Lisa Genova
Rating: 5/5
Book: 12/50 (24% completed)
Book in personal challenge with niun: 6/50 Fantasy, 6/50 Mystery and 0/25 Classics
Pages: 292 pgs
Total Pages 4,577/15,000 pages (30.51% completed)
Next up: The Wild Zone by Joy Fielding

This was one of the best books I have read! This book will make you think and its story haunts you. It is the type of book that you will think about long after you finish reading it. Everyone needs to read this book!

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