May 9th, 2010


I keep accidentally deleting this book post so let's just post it with only one book in it


Changes, by Jim Butcher
Took a while to get into it. Didn't like how short the chapters were. But then once I got hooked I was WAY hooked. Not my favorite of his books but the best parts are up there with the best parts of any of them. If you're interested in noir urban fantasy with funny things in it, start at the beginning with Storm Front.
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Although it may seem I've been in a dry spell, three books have been pushing on apace, and then I finished this one this morning:

Osprey Fortress #43: Roman Legionary Fortresses 27 BC - AD378.

As with most Osprey books, this one is chock full of information, as well as photos and paintings of various fort structures. In this case, though, it didn't exactly "sing" for me. It was OK, but not great.
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book 43-46

Raiders #2 by JinJun Park
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Spiral : The Bonds of Reasoning #8 Author – Kyo Shirodaira Artist – Eita Mizuno Collapse )

Dogs: Blood and Carnage#3 by Shirow Miwa
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Mouse Guard: Winter 1152 by David Petersen
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On the other hand, I’m often left wondering how things get awarded and the next book is one of those. I have no idea how Tender Morsels by Margo Lanagan won anything and yet she had been given a two year fellowship in which to write this and it’s won numerous awards. On Goodreads I see a lot of 5 stars and a lot of one stars. I’m in the one star crowd. Collapse )