May 17th, 2010

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Yesterday, I finished reading a book by M.A.R. Barker, the originator of the game Empire of the Petal Throne. Over the years, he's written a number of novels set in his gaming universe, and this one was Prince of Skulls. It was like reading the recounting of a game history. The book is heavy with EPT language and geography, which made it ponderous reading. If you liked the world of Tekumel, then this would be a book for you, otherwise, look elsewhere.
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Book #27 -- Laurie Faria Solarz, Project 17, 248 pages.

A group of high school students decide to spend the night filming a movie in an old abandoned mental hospital and get more than they bargained for. Very creepy - like the novel version of Blair Witch Project.

Book #28 -- Holly Black, Valiant, 314 pages.

A wonderful YA fantasy novel from Holly Black, who I love. It's got a little bit of everything - urban fantasy, adventure, mystery, and romance. I literally couldn't put it down - read the whole thing in one sitting.

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2010 Book List

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Books 32-33 (House of Night series)

Here's my list for 1-31.

32. Tempted (House of Night, Book 6) - Cast, P. C., Cast, Kristin
33. Burned (House of Night, Book 7) - Cast, P. C., Cast, Kristin

These books are like brain candy. Annoying, frustrating, yet often satisfying brain candy. I understand wanting to make the books contemporary and to show love for other writers, but the name dropping in these books are as bad as the vocabulary lessons and all the preaching about how girls shouldn't put up with guys who are possessive or tell them what to do. In theory, it's all good, but in practice, it's terrible. Who edited these books? That person should be either given more power to make necessary changes or fired if s/he actually approved of some of this stuff. (Oh, maybe it's the same person who edits Laurell K. Hamilton's and Stephenie Meyers's books???) The plot itself is still interesting, and the writing style for the most part is really good, except when the problems above are tacked on. I still have a big problem with how it presents romantic/sexual relationships, but the friendships are pretty good. The next book doesn't come out until January, so I might just move on. We'll see.

Next up is the new Sookie Stackhouse book then the new Morganville Vampires book. Oh, and the new Vampire Academy book comes out tomorrow, so I suppose I'll add that one, too.
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2 romance, 1 crime fic

21. Roberts, Nora "Irish Thoroughbred" pb romance, my copy, 194 pages (5,864pgs)

I read this as a 2-in1 reissue of this 1981 title and the first thing I noticed was how much richer NR's more recent works have become. Of course, I read the 'Dear Reader' letter after I'd finished both books and found out this was her first published title. That would have been reason enough for me to read it. I've read a couple of her other really early romances and I liked this one better; 'Song of the West', I think it's called was a dud for me.
Adelia, orphaned in Ireland, comes to America to make a life for herself and in the process ends up with ruggedly handsome, proud, powerful owner of Royal Meadows horse farm, Travis Grant. I rather liked Adelia as a heroine, particularly when she's dealing with the upper class people in Travis' life. Travis wasn't an obnoxious hero either. A nice romance. (4.5/6)

22. Roberts, Nora "Irish Rose" pb romance, my copy, 295 pages (6,159pgs)

The second in the 2-in-1 reissue (as 'Irish Hearts') and sequel to 'Irish Thoroughbred' was first published in 1988. Adelia and Travis have four children, including twins, and she's expecting another at the start of this book. They go back to Ireland for a visit and Adelia's cousin, Erin McKinnon, returns with them. She wants security and enters into a loveless marriage with Burke Logan, and we all know what happens next!

I really enjoy romances where we meet characters from a previous book a few years after their own adventure, especially if they've had children. Erin and Burke's path to happiness is quite rocky, culminating in a kidnapping and rescue. An entertaining read.

23. Eichler, Selma "Murder Can Depress Your Dachshund" pb crime, my copy, 260 pages (6,419pgs)

This is a Desiree Shapiro mystery. Are you tired of glamorous PIs? Then Desiree is the girl for you. She's been described as fat, fun and late to everything.
Jordy Mills was a saint. He was scheduled to donate a kidney to the brother he didn't like, but was murdered the night before. His brother Cornell couldn't get another transplant and ended up dying as well. So was Cornell the intended victim all along?

The dachshund of the title is Tootsie, but don't expect Tootsie to feature much in the story. The clues are all there and an astute reader will certainly work out the killer along with Desiree. Not bad to while away a few hours. I'd probably give other titles in this series a go. (4/6)